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Electric cradle for infants

Electric cradle for infants

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Electric rocking chair liberates mother's hands, shrewd mother's lullaby artifact
Health, safety, fashion, durable, convenient

Seven advantages: Protecting your baby's sleep
A. Five-point safety lacing
B. Remote control intelligent control panel
C. Removable and washable comfortable seat cushions
D. Detachable doll
E. Adjust the swing range of the fifth gear

F. Third gear timing
G. Mobile phone bluetooth connection to music playback

Cradle design: the cradle with automatic swing of five gears liberates the mother's hands and makes the baby sleep more peacefully
Quality stereo music: bring quality stereo music,3 scene music and 7 chord music, beautiful and pleasant, better develop baby's auditory acuity.
High quality comfortable and breathable cloth: breathable, comfortable, soft health care, soft and comfortable.

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